Our packages offer a wide range of service that allows for immediate interaction and customer feedback. We provide exceptional social media services that keep your followers happy. A strong investment in customer service can build a meaningful relationship between you and your customers. It can assist in sending customers directly to your site or business. Blink Monthly can help you gain brand recognition through the use of social media because it keeps your customers up-to-date.

What is Social Media Management ?

Social media management is studying and analysing the different audiences and figures your social media creates. From that we will develop a strategy to directly target your intended target market our broaden your horizon by targeting a new market for your product or service.

Infosite Benefits

  • Increase in a social media presence. More people will be able to see your product or servce.
  • An extremely fast way of communicating with your customers and your potential future customers. It is super easy to add information about a new product or other news.
  • Increase the amount of exposure your products or services by showing them on social media.

What We Offer

An extreamly indeapth and planed out stratagy that is sure to grow your social media and ingrease revinue. 

Enterprise SEO
E- Commerce SEO
Local SEO
Social Media
Campaign Services

Our Infosites formula will help you

  • Naturally rank at the top of Google for the long term
  • Increase your brand awareness, trust and your sales – significantly
  • Turn page 1 visibility into website visitors that want to buy from you
Package Details Start-Up: £79+VAT/Monthly Growth: £199+VAT/Monthly Professional: £299+VAT/Monthly Sprint: £499+VAT/Monthly
Email Customer Support        
Content Posting on Facebook Twice a week 2 Posts per week Daily Posts Daily Posts
Content Posting on Twitter Twice a week 2 Posts per week Daily Posts Daily Posts
Content Posting on LinkedIn Twice a week 2 Posts per week Daily Posts Daily Posts
Content Posting on Instagram   2 Posts per week Daily Posts Daily Posts
Facebook Ads Campaign per month   £30 £40 £70
Monthly Reporting        
Phone Support        
Artworks Included        
Content Strategy        
Dedicated Account Manager        
Blog Posts     Monthly Blog Fortnightly Blog
Monthly Strategy Consultation        
Content Posting on Pinterest         
Twitter Lite Follower Boost        
Priority Customer Support